Hi guys and girls!

I have a fantastic announcement for you all today! As we explained at our last meeting, the FTC Archery club has been actively searching for sponsors. While we all love archery, I don’t need to tell you that it isn’t exactly the cheapest hobby around! Bows for new members, renting out the archery ranges, bringing in qualified instructors, organising tournaments etc. These all cost $$$$$

So we would like to thank our member, Andy, for getting the FTC Archery Club’s first official sponsor: BM & J Orthodontics, the best orthodontist Birmingham has to offer!

For those who may not know Andy, he is studying at our university on an exchange program from Birmingham University and BM & J Orthodontics is actually his uncle’s private orthodontic practice. We are all so grateful to Andy for getting our first official sponsor, and of course, a big shout out to his uncle and his wonderful practice as well!

Now, here’s a little bit about our latest sponsor, BM & J Orthodontics.

BM & J Orthodontics is Birmingham’s premier orthodontic and aesthetic dentistry service. It services numerous suburbs and towns within the city and is dedicated to providing the highest quality services at some of the most afforable prices around. If you’re ever in the UK and want to fix that crooked smile of yours, there’s really no other place to go.

Once again, thank you Andy and BM & J Orthodontics! We at the FTC Archery Club thank you from the bottom of our hearts. All future club t-shirts will feature your logo prominently on the back.

hypnotherapy benefits

There are many misunderstandings and myths regarding hypnotherapy and sports performance. It is common knowledge that the journey to becoming a successful athlete heavily involves the maintenance of physical fitness at very high levels. However, physical fitness is but a single strategy required for success in athletic performance.

Reputable research suggests that sports performance is heavily dependent on mental abilities than it is on physical abilities. To most individuals, it is a strange concept but not to the thousands of athletes who have come to recognize the power that mental state has on their performance in sports. Hypnotherapy has been widely used for decades by professional athletes to enhance their natural ability.

Mind control

Successful athletes are those that are capable of controlling their state of mind. This is because it provides them with a psychological advantage that prevents them from giving into their nerves or underperforming. The technique is focused on engaging the mind of an athlete in a positive manner to assist him/ her to focus on their goal and to achieve it. The ability to effectively control negative emotions and thoughts is the basis on which sports psychology is founded and it is often attained via hypnosis.

The aim of any professional athlete especially during competition is to enter the zone. The term means that an athlete gets totally absorbed in the activity they are doing to the extent of failing to notice external distractions. This usually happens when athletes are delivering optimum performance. The role of hypnotherapy is to assist athletes to access the zone and use it in enhancing their performance.

can hypnotherapy help sports performance?

The Benefits of Hypnotherapy for Sports Performance

Hypnotherapy has the following benefits on sports performance:

  • It helps athletes to maintain composure as well as to overcome distractions.
  • It allows athletes to apply concentration and deep relaxation to imagine their success in sports.
  • It significantly increases the dedication and motivation that an athlete has.
  • It functions to get rid of all negative beliefs or thoughts that an athlete might have.
  • Hypnotherapy serves to improve the self-belief and confidence of an athlete.
  • It stimulates mental agility.
  • It is good for managing stress.
  • It helps in recovery from an injury. This is because it helps them to dissociate the pain so that they can cope better with it and ultimately, perform better in spite of it.
  • It helps in dealing with competition stress and nerve effectively.

The benefits listed above are not exhaustive as there are many more advantages of using hypnotherapy in improving sports performance.

Any athlete who is open to the idea of honing concentration and reducing stress can greatly benefit from hypnotherapy. However, athletes who are recovering from an injury or those undergoing a stressful time might benefit the most from it.

Hypnotherapy is an effective preparation technique that any athlete can utilize regardless of the nature of their sport. This is because the practice depends on visualization. It should also be noted that hypnotherapy can be used by anyone regardless of your skills set, whether it is on a recreational level or a professional level. However, regular sessions of hypnotherapy are recommended for optimum results.


The success of hypnotherapy in sports performance can be witnessed all around the globe. Tiger Woods, a professional golfer acknowledges the role of hypnosis in his success as a sportsman. Tiger has been using powerful self-hypnosis methods from his teen years. Another good example is gymnast Mary Lou Retton who displayed an outstanding performance at the 1984 Olympics that earned her global recognition and a gold medal.

Hypnotherapy and archery

Hypnotherapy is a theme that is usually stressed in almost all archery improvement literature. This is because archery lays emphasis on the consistency of shot execution rather than on the perfection. Hypnotherapy therefore allows enthusiasts of archery to understand their desired form beforehand. This helps them to deeply ingrain that form into their subconscious via self-hypnotic suggestion for success in shooting. This is why hypnotherapy is regarded as being very beneficial to the sport of archery. Hypnotherapy promotes excellence in archery just like in any other sport because it acknowledges that everything begins as a mere thought within the brain.


Hypnotherapy allows athletes to rehearse their performance mentally thus can be able to input self-confidence and motivation into their game. Rehearsal and visualization of goals improves performance in the same way as physical practice would. Every person is different, this means that the results of hypnotherapy will be different from one athlete to the other.


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healthy food for archers

Archery is fun but it is also physically demanding. To keep up with the sport, you must ensure you maintain proper nutrition. Many people believe nutrition should also come in when dealing with a high-intensity sport like soccer, basketball, rugby and American football among others. It is true that archers do not require the same energy level as these games, but without proper nutrition for archery, no one can succeed in the game.

Improve Your Archery Performance with Proper Nutrition for Archery

There is a certain level of exertion when it comes to archery. For instance, think of a recurve archer that is shooting a 60-lb arrow in a 150-arrow tournament. He or she will have to pull as much as 9000lbs by the time the game ends. The energy required to wield such weight is enormous and an archer who does not have proper nutrition cannot be successful in such a tournament. This underscores the importance of proper nutrition for the sport of archery.

According to experts and professional archers, you must eat the right foods and drinks before the tournament and on the day of the tournament. Besides, you need to maintain a special diet in order to remain fit and physically sound for the game.

The Importance of Adequate Hydration

Before delving further into the kinds of food to eat and the diet to maintain, an important aspect of that nutrition is hydration. I guess you already know that close to 65 percent of your body is water. This water needs replacement, especially for you as an archer. Experts recommend that you drink as much as 10 glasses of water each day.

Remember, as an archer, you may have to perform outdoors in the sun. This way you will lose tremendous amounts of bodily fluids. Research shows that athletes who drink insufficient amounts of water can realize as much as a 10 percent reduction in their performance. Proper hydration will ensure proper blood flow and nutrient and oxygen delivery. Metabolism and energy production is also at optimum levels with proper hydration. And as a bonus, good hydration is also good for your eyesight.

Nutrition for a Recreational Archer or a Beginner

As a beginner, you might not be aware of the energy demands of your new sport. In this case, you may only need to perform in a league at your local archery shop or regular shooting part of the American archery program. Most likely, you will participate only 1-2 times a week.

A good piece of nutritional advice is to add fresh vegetables and fruits into your plate and dividing the other half into whole grains (examples are cereals, rice, and pasta) and proteins (examples include eggs, meats, and soy). You can follow this nutritional plan if you are training consistently at the same level. If necessary, you can also take supplements such as whey protein, BCAAs, fish oil, and multi-vitamins.

In case you include a workout plan in your training, such that you shoot in the morning and perform some cardio workout in the afternoon. On such a day, your diet should include energy-rich carbs and more protein. A good ratio is 35% grains, 35% vegetables and fruits, and remaining 30% lean protein. This is also a great balanced diet for maintenance.

The Best Pre-Tournament Diet

If you are gearing up for an archery competition, your nutrition should be a little different. You should cut on out fast foods and snacks, heavy foods and fried meals from their diet. Instead, you should choose lean, easy to burn foods. Good examples of such foods are chicken, fajitas, pitas, and turkey among others.

Besides the high protein foods, you should eat foods that are high in carbohydrates to give you adequate energy reserve for the tournament day. Examples of high carbohydrate foods include oat bagels, baked potatoes, pancakes, spaghetti with tomato sauce, brown rice and pretzels.

proper nutrition for archers is paramount for tournament day

Tournament Day Nutrition

On the day of the tournament, you should use a diet meant for professional archers. The foods should be rich in energy to help maintain high energy levels during competition. Your diet should have foods such as broccoli florets, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, ripe bananas, apples, and grapes. Be careful to avoid foods with lots of processed sugar exemplified by candy bars. Yes, they will provide you will a lot of energy but a crash will be the sequel of that energy boost.

When it comes to fat, experts recommend that you eat two tablespoons each day of healthy fat such as cheese, oils, nuts and fatty vegetables such extra virgin olive oil, chia seeds and dark chocolate. The fatty vegetables are also rich in vitamins that will ensure proper function of all your organs. Combination of these foods will help maintain the energy you need to deliver your best performance.